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Dr Nigel Meadows
Clinic for both general paediatric problems
and all aspects of paediatric gastroenterology

Dr Nigel Meadows

Dr Nigel Meadows

Dr Meadows is a senior paediatric gastroenterologist in the Clinical Academic Unit of Adult and paediatric gastroenterology at The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. This is probably one of the largest centres in Europe, and treats a wide range of gastroenterological conditions.

He trained at Charing Cross Hospital in West London and moved to the East End where he has spent most of his clinical life, apart from a short spell in Sydney Australia, from where he was encouraged to return.

Although still active in general paediatrics he specialises in most aspects of paediatric gastroenterology. His major interests are the nutritional support of children and all aspects of feeding difficulties. He is an acknowledged lecturer on these subjects.

The feeding clinic at The Royal London is a renowned referral centre for feeding difficulties. This is a multidisciplinary clinic with speech and language therapy, dietetics, and psychology. This clinic has focused on all areas of feeding problems associated with faltering growth.

He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Neurogastroenterology at the Wingate Institute, which is part of Queen Mary Westfield University. In association with Prof Daniel Sifrim, and Dr David Rawat he leads the newly established department of Paediatric GI physiology. This provides a child friendly environment for those children undergoing investigation of gastrointestinal dysmotility.

In addition to his private paediatric gastroenterology practice, he is the head of the paediatric nutrition team at the Harley Street Clinic. This multidisciplinary team supervises the TPN requirements in both the cardiac, and general PICU wards.



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