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Dr Nigel Meadows
Clinic for both general paediatric problems
and all aspects of paediatric gastroenterology


Dear Dr Meadows

Thank you for helping her to "blossom" and to get to this point! Wishing you all the best!

Dr Meadows

Thank you for all of your help and understanding over the last 3 years. We wouldn't have survived without you! We are so grateful and will definitely be back.

Dearest Dr Meadows

This is the time of recognition. Signed in admiration. This is the time to part. Signed from the depth of our heart. Wishing you a life of health and happiness, may your kindness and good deeds always come back to you. Thank you.

Dear Dr Meadows

Thank you very much for all that you are constantly doing.

We always feel like we're in good hands and you're caring for us to the utmost.

We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation towards your hard exhausting work among that you you make yourself available at all private hours.

We understand that you're the most kind, considerate, accommodating, and thoughtful doctor reflected in the fact that we're feeling a lot better with your help.

you should be repaid with all splendour. Keep up your great work.

Dear Dr Meadows

I am writing to let you know how much we have all appreciate what you have done for my granddaughter and you have been instrumental in putting my daughter's mind at rest on so many occasions.

What is particularly helpful is that when she gets in a panic and starts stressing and decides she needs you, you have always been there and that has made a really big difference to the pair of them, so can I say thank you so very much.